This website is OPEN

UPDATE: This webstie is now officially closed. Until or if I ever get back into club penguin, this website closed.

Officially Re-Opened. Lost: Slushie75, Lpsrulz, MORE So Its just me now


Club Penguin Original Domain Found

UPDATE: It seems Clubpenguin Has Removed This Domain.

I was trying to find CP’s original domain and i found it. I works well actually. But its like a different homepage. it says rockhoppers there and its coins for change. So i went in and it worked!

Club Penguin Domain Down

Hey Penguin, As you might have known club penguins domain is down. Dont worry though, I already sent them an email about it. This is a picture of the Domain Website:

I have heard rumors about CP being “Hacked” but CP is improbable to be hacked. Its possible, Just VERY VERY VERY VERY unlikely.

E.P.F’s Partner?!

Hello Penguins Agents, Today i was looking through the Sneek Peek junk on Club Penguin and saw the P.I.A (Penguin Intelligence Agency) When i saw this it made me think of the forgotten, P.S.A.

Club Penguin Coin Code

Today, I noticed I got an E-Mail from ClubPenguin and it gave me a code. At first i thought, What, CP doesent give out free codes. Then i went to activate it, and it worked. I can do however many times i want! This is a good way to get rich if your broke, i got 24,000 coins! You can also do this on any account! If you didnt get the code, here it is: JUNNLR11

Club Penguin Puffle Medicine Theory

Today, I was looking at a “Future CP website” ( when i saw a bottle. First i thought: Root Beer?
So i looked closer and saw that it was a perscriptive medicine. Called Puffadote (Puffle Antadote). The doctor said Gary M.D., S.D. (I think Science Doctor?) and the Pharmacist was grossman?. Maybe he’ll be a mascot!. We’ll anyway, heres a pic

Herbert Attack Theory

The other day on the Community Blog, Billybob posted about Herbert attacking the EPF real soon. He also gave us a sneak peak of what it will look like. But while I was studying the picture even more, I found out what Herbert may be doing! Here is the sneak peak:

If you look closely you will se that Herbert and Klutzy are in two big robots. Both with horns. Both look like the dragons from the 3rd Knight’s Quest. They are the yellow and blue dragons.

You can tell Klutzy is in the yellow dragon because that dragon had pointy horns that stood straight up. You can tell Herbert is in the blue dragon because that dragon had horns that made a sideways arch.

There are also more parts to this but just see if you can figure out. Comment on what you think!